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    Mechanical & Drive Train Parts:

    All mechanical moving parts come with a standard warranty of 3 months for parts replacement only. Labour costs are not included, unless explicitly stated in the purchase agreement.

    Extra warranty can be purchased and should be discussed before purchase.

    Purchase of Engine:

    Engines comes with a 6-month parts-only Fairplus warranty. Replacement by a licensed mechanic and use of genuine or equivalent oil is required. Accessories left on the engine (starter motor, alternator, turbo, manifolds, injector pumps, flywheels/flex plates, clutches, thermostats, and water pumps) are for testing only and not covered unless purchased separately. Certain components must be serviced or replaced for warranty validation.

    • Front and rear main seals must be installed on the engine changeover for optimal performance.
    • Service the radiator or, if needed, use a new or non-genuine one with the appropriate cap.
    • The water pump and thermostat require replacement. Please be aware that we install heat tabs on engine heads. Melted tabs may void your warranty, which is subject to Fairfield Auto Parts’ discretion and may change. Never turn the engine anti-clockwise. Before starting the engine, check the timing. If incorrect, notify Fairfield Auto Parts promptly. With our approval, timing can be corrected. We will determine the workshop solely for warranty purposes.

    Purchase of Transmission:

    All transmissions are accompanied by a 6-months Fairplus warranty for parts only. To ensure warranty validity, please adhere to the pre-installation guide. Replace all seals, including input shaft and drive shaft seals, in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Follow the recommended procedures for fluid drainage and replacement. Prior to driving, verify fluid levels. Finally, engage a licensed mechanic or auto electrician, at an authorized workshop, to correctly program transmissions and align them with the vehicle using appropriate software.


    All Differentials, whether centre or complete, are backed by a 3-month parts-only warranty for customer satisfaction. Please note that the differentials must be suitable for the specific vehicle. Any attached modules or actuators are considered accessories and are not covered, unless specified. No warranty is provided for conversions. Our 3-month parts-only warranty policy does not cover air conditioning compressors, air con related parts regassing, or associated labour costs.

    Body Panelling:

    All panel parts must undergo a test fit on the vehicle before stripping or painting. Any parts not in their original condition will result in a rejected return with no credit. Please note that colour code matching is not covered as parts may have fading or scratches, like doors, guards, tailgates, etc. Second-hand parts are supplied to be prepped and painted. Unless specified by Fairfield Auto Parts, accessories left on the panel are not covered under warranty.


    Electrical parts, excluding batteries, have a 30-day warranty to ensure quality. Note that regulators and switches must be properly suited and calibrated to the specific vehicle. No refunds for programmed ECUs. All electricals undergo thorough testing by approved warehouse personnel. For the same part number or supersession item, installation by a licensed mechanic or auto electrician is required. Hybrid batteries have a 3-month warranty. Prior to driving, parts must be programmed and suited to the vehicle, ensuring cell calibration and clearing fault codes.


    All warranties and replacements are at the discretion of Fairfield Auto Parts. Diagnostic reports for faults will be at the client’s expense. We will replace the part or provide a refund using the original payment method. Clear marking is required for bodyshell and body major cut sections. These sections are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please inform the salesperson of the specific major section needed before proceeding with cutting.

    Please note that Non Factory/Aftermarket parts installed on a different make or model vehicle upon client’s request will not be covered under warranty, unless explicitly agreed by Fairfield Auto Parts during the purchase. Fairfield Auto Parts cannot accept responsibility, provide refunds, or accept returns for such parts as listed on the invoice.
    For commercial vehicles like taxi/uber/trade, a 30-day parts warranty applies unless otherwise specified by the salesperson during the purchase agreement with the client.

    Prescribed parts come with an invoice and VIN number. Familiarise yourself with state regulations for part repair, as restrictions vary across Australian states. Fairfield Auto Parts is not liable for registration or blue slip issues. Ownership remains until full payment. Warranties are non-transferable and limited to the invoice value, covering only the purchased part, not accessories.

    Freight & Shipping:

    Freighted items are shipped by a third-party organisation to cater to clients’ delivery needs. Please note that we do not offer overseas freight services, and clients are responsible for shipping items internationally. We have pick-up depots conveniently located throughout the country. For local delivery stations, kindly inquire with our staff. Any claims for damaged goods during freight are the responsibility of the freight company, not Fairfield Auto Parts. Returned items without an invoice are subject to freight and handling fees, up to 25% of the invoice value.


    As a valued client, please submit warranty and panel claims with your original invoice number during our business hours to the designated salesperson. Claims may be rejected without substantial evidence of damages or diagnosis, at Fairfield Auto Parts’ discretion. For after-hours inquiries, email your claim to, and we will respond within 72 hours.