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    Fairfield timely, ultra quality. At Fairfield Auto Parts, vehicle owners can depend on the best quality used auto parts without hassles and time spent locating the parts. Our team of auto specialists is here to provide vehicle owners with the best parts and fastest service to fit your Car, SUV, 4×4, Truck, Van, Motorcycle, or New and Used Machinery with quality replacement parts that do offer value or money.

    Fairfield Auto Parts have the replacement parts you are looking for with just a call away.

    • Cars, SUVs, Vans, Utes
    • 4WDs and AWDs
    • Light Trucks
    • Commercial Vehicles
    • Heavy Trucks
    • Machinery
    • Motorcycles

    Call us at 02 8111 7878


    Wondering what makes us the leading auto parts supplier in Sydney? It’s our ability to take apart hundreds of different vehicles every month for parts that help our clients. With our cash for used cars offer, we buy used, totaled and junk vehicles every day for cash. Car wrecking is not only the best way to recycle for expensive and precious auto parts, but also helps in keeping the environment clean.

    Fairfield Auto Parts offers its clients with cost-free auto wrecking services and pays them cash for the salvageable parts. We buy ALL makes, models and conditions of vehicles. You own a domestic vehicle or a foreign car, we’ll buy it for instant cash! All our wrecking processes follow strict guidelines and are completely eco-friendly. With Fairfield Auto Parts car wrecking, you can choose to bypass landfills for the disposal of your vehicles, creating a healthy vehicle disposal.

    No contamination is our goal.


    If you own a wrecked, junk or used vehicle, call Fairfield Auto Parts at 02 8111 7878 and get it towed for free while earning instant cash. Contact our team for more details and immediate pickup.


    Fairfield Auto Parts is a certified used parts dealer that provides vehicle owners in Sydney with exceptional quality in used parts.  We stock a massive selection of foreign and domestic auto replacement parts that have been tested by our certified mechanics and are actual quality parts. Our inventory includes hard to find parts, and late and newer model parts for foreign and domestic vehicles of all makes and models. Our team quickly fits our customers with replacement parts, so they can quickly repair their car, and get back behind the wheel. If for some reason we cannot find the parts our customers require, we will quickly locate the part directly from our yard or another supplier so that you both save money and can quickly get to repairing your vehicle.

    Our wholesale auto parts Sydney offer value for money. We offer several options and provide the necessary information you require, including mileage information on the second-hand parts and price range. We work to bring our customers the best quality used parts at low prices. Our parts are priced at the best prices so that you can have your vehicle back up and running with the least amount of cost spent.


    Difficult to find used auto parts or expensive auto parts can be troublesome to find. Fairfield Auto Parts knows the attachment vehicle owners have to their vehicles. Our team specialises in quality used parts and exceptional service and the confidence of purchasing quality parts that are reliable. Whether you have an expensive luxury car, 4×4, truck, sports or machinery we can fit you with quality used auto parts so you can quickly get back on the road.

    Factory Auto Parts

    Factory parts are most often a better quality of parts. In second-hand parts, reliability matters. Fairfield Auto Parts offers quality used parts that provide efficiency and miles to ensure the best engine performance. Our used auto parts selection are priced at wholesale prices. Whether a part for a hybrid, diesel or one for your Toyota 4×4, we can help you to find the best factory auto parts Sydney at the best price.


    Fairfield Auto Parts is a company that provides a quality selection of used parts that vehicle owners can rely on for the best efficiency and performance in replacement parts. Our stock includes factory and hard to find parts that offer value for money and come with the assurance of warranty. Our team is a team of parts specialists offers advice and information, as well as helping to locate parts, so time is not wasted.

    We’ve built our reputation on servicing vehicle owners with the best selection of used auto parts at the lowest prices, guaranteed!

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    For more information on quality replacement parts for your engine, or to speak to an Fairfield Auto Parts specialist to check stock on a part, please contact us at the number below.

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    Call us at 02 8111 7878