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    As the top car wreckers in Penrith, you can trust us top provide quality used auto parts for all makes and models based on our 10+ years of experience in the industry. 

    We can deliver parts to your door, business across Sydney regions. Thanks to our delivery service you can have the part you need at your convenience. 

    All our parts are tested for quality before supplied to customers with 3 month warranty included.

    Inquire now: 02 8111 7878

    Why Choose Us For Your Car Parts?

    As the leading car wrecker in Penrith, we are able to offer the same level of excellence that we provide with our car wrecking, cash for car and car removal services. As the trusted supplier of used auto parts, we have a number of advantages that make us stand out from the crowd. 

    Our benefits include:

        • Large inventory of all kinds of parts for every make and model
        • Best price on the market for all kinds of parts 
        • Parts can be delivered to your door or business
        • Additional assistance offered by team to locate any part 
        • Stock of rare parts including valves, ignition systems and flywheels
        • All parts rigorously tested and certified by expert auto professionals
        • Expert advice for replacements and repairs provided

    We supply parts all brands including

        • Audi
        • BMW
        • Holden
        • Honda
        • Lexus
        • Kia
        • Mazda
        • Subaru
        • Nissan
        • Volkswagen
        • Suzuki
        • Toyota
        • Hyundai
        • And more!

    Parts we supply

        • Used car batteries
        • Used car engines
        • Used bonnets and bumpers
        • Used car headlights
        • Used wheels and tyres
        • Used front and rear doors
        • Used car windows
        • Used car rear and front Seats
        • Used car brakes and more!

    No matter what kind of parts you need, give us a call and we’d be happy to find it for you. 

    How Do We Achieve Eco-Friendly Car Wrecking in Penrith?

    We are deeply committed to being a customer-focused and environmentally friendly company. We care about being kind to the environment and hope our customers can do the same. When you choose our car wrecking services in Penrith, everything that can be recycled is salvaged by us. While most junkyards do not take the trouble to carefully dispose of any toxic remnants, we do and any remaining parts that cannot be reconditioned are disposed of responsibly

    What suburbs do we service in Penrith

    • Kingswood
    • Glenmore Park
    • Jamisontown
    • Orchard Hills
    • Jordan Springs
    • Leonay
    • Regentville and more!

    Our wrecking process:

    1. Careful dismantling of car body to preserve any usable parts

    2. Cleaning and reconditioning of all salvaged parts

    3. Thorough testing of all parts done by field technicians

    4. Accurate certification and storage of all parts

    Contact Us

    Get in touch with Penrith’s most trusted car wrecking service for any of your car needs.  Call us today: 02 8111 7878

    Nearby Locations: Blue Mountains, St Marys