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    When you contact Fairfield Auto Parts, you can expect prompt and friendly service from our experienced sales staff who’ve have been in the industry for years. 

    Our Mercedes used car parts have all passed stringent tests done on them by our eagle-eyed technicians to ensure that you get unmatched reliability. We are one of the top rated European wreckers in Sydney, when it comes to quality we’ve got you covered.

    Every week, we take apart several Mercedes cars for spare parts. So you can be sure that we will never run out of stock. Skip the middleman and come directly to us for your used Mercedes replacement parts and enjoy massive discounts and time savings. 


    Buying auto parts from a Mercedes wrecker can be a safer, more sustainable, and cost effective way to fix your vehicle. Parts that would otherwise have been added to ever-growing junkyards, are instead repurposed and reused. These parts are tested and safe to use, making them more sustainable. Due to the nature of our Mercedes Wreckers Sydney service, we source our parts responsibly and reliably, and can offer our customers discounted prices. 

    Our Mercedes wrecking service is: 

    • More cost effective
    • More Reliable
    • Easier to source the Mercedes part you need 
    • Fast and efficient 
    • More sustainable


    Absolutely, our Mercedes parts are all sourced by our experienced team of Mercedes wreckers, who then break down old vehicles to salvage reliable and quality parts. These parts go through extensive testing, and all our processes follow strict testing to NSW road standards. We never compromise on safety, so we ensure our licensed and expert technicians and mechanics have approved everything we sell. When you’re using a Mercedes wrecker, it’s important to ask questions about their processes and testing metrics. 

    BENEFITS OF second-Hand Mercedes PARTS NEAR ME

    Cost savings: Since we purchase the cars at huge discounts, we can transfer the savings to our customers. At Fairfield Auto Parts, you pay a fraction of the cost you would have had to pay for a new part. Our Mercedes wreckers are experts in all makes, and can help you select the correct parts for your car. Getting an industry expert to source, test, locate, and discount your Mercedes car parts has never been easier.

    Original manufactured parts: Because our parts are all from the original manufacturers, you won’t have to worry about quality or compatibility with your Mercedes. They have also been checked by our in-house team of technicians for any signs of wear so you can be sure that they will not disappoint, and will be safe and long-lasting. 

    Our Mercedes wreckers Sydney service follows all Australian legislations and procedures to ensure lawful resale of second hand parts. The parts go through rigorous testing you can rely on.

    Exchanges Welcome: Should you find that you bought a replacement part for the right-hand side instead of the left-hand side, you can quickly bring it back to us for an exchange without any problems. Typically, this is a big problem with newer car parts.

    Better for the environment: The environment will thank you, because you will be recycling parts that would have otherwise been taken back to the landfill. Recycling them reduces pollution from industries and also reduces pressure on our planet’s limited resources.

    What Mercedes Used Parts do we supply? 

    • Mercedes Car Batteries
    • Mercedes Car front and rear doors
    • Mercedes Car engines
    • Mercedes Car windows
    • Mercedes Car rear and Front Seats
    • Mercedes Car rear and front Lights
    • Mercedes Car brakes
    • Mercedes Car bumpers and more!

    What Mercedes Models do we supply Used Parts For? 

    • Mercedes S-class
    • Mercedes C-class
    • Mercedes G-class
    • Mercedes GLE
    • Mercedes AMG GT
    • Mercedes A-class
    • Mercedes CLA
    • Mercedes S-Class

    We are certified and experienced in the field so you can trust our experience to provide all the answers to any of your questions. Whatever part you need for your Mercedes, rest assured that we can find it for you. Just give us a call and provide us with a description of the part that you seek, your car’s make, model and year of manufacture and we will have the part ready in no time.

    What Locations do you service?

    We can ship Mercedes used auto spares to almost any location in Australia including:

    • Sydney, New South Wales
    • Melbourne, Victoria
    • Brisbane, Queensland
    • Darwin, Northern Territory,
    • Adelaide, South Australia
    • Perth, Western Australia
    • Hobart, Tasmania
    • Canberra, ACT

    And all surrounding regions, just give us call and we can arrange door to door delivery!


    We have a full stock of genuine Mercedes parts at great prices. If you are looking to sell your Mercedes car for cash we can also help with that. Just Call us at 02 8111 7878