When you’re having engine troubles, you may consider buying a used engine as solution and to save money compared to buying a new engine.

In this blog we will go into the advantages and disadvantages of buying a pre-owned engine, offering insights to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of buying a used car engine

Cost Savings

Considerable savings compared to the high cost of new engines.


Used car engines tend to have more availability, especially when you’re car is a bit older.

 Quick Replacement

You could get a used engine within days, instead of waiting weeks or potentially months for a new engine to arrive.

Environmental Impact

A more eco-friendly choice, as you are re-using an engine that has already been made.


Cons of buying a used car engine

Uncertain History:

Potential uncertainty regarding the engine’s history and maintenance.

 Limited Warranty

Generally, limited warranties with less coverage than new engines. However at Fairfield Auto Parts we have a 3-month warranty on all our used engines.

Shorter Lifespan

May not have the longevity of a brand-new engine, though this depends on the mileage of the engine.

Making an Informed Decision:

Before deciding on a used engine take these factors into account:

Engine Age and Mileage

The lifespan of an engine is significantly influenced by its mileage. Generally, the older or more kilometres an engine has covered, the shorter it’s lifespan. However this also means that it will be cheaper compared to a less used engine.

Make Sure it’s Tested

It is important to ensure thorough testing has occurred on the engine before making a purchase. At Fairfield Auto Parts, you can be ensured that our expert mechanics test all engines before sale.

Is it Compatible?

While many engines are compatible with various car models, confirming that the used engine aligns with your specific vehicle is essential. Just provide your VIN number to us along with make and model and our team can help.

Selection of a Reliable Dealer:

Online testimonials and certifications on a dealer’s website offer insights into their reliability. Luckily for you we have an almost 5 star rating on Google, so you can be rest assured that you are getting top quality service.


Considering a used engine for your car can be a cost-effective solution. With Fairfield Auto Parts, you can confidently explore used engine options, knowing you have access to quality engines and the expert advice from our team.

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