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    Looking for affordable car parts? Look no further! Fairfield Auto Parts is your go-to destination for budget-friendly auto parts.

    Our “pick and pay less” service gives you enjoy additional discounts discounts on our used parts. Discover quality spare parts at unbeatable prices.

    No need to bring your own tools, at our pick and pay less service, you can choose the parts you want and our expert mechanics will get them for you. Pick a part today!

    WHY CHOOSE our pick and pay less service?

    When you need discount car parts, it’s smarter and better for the environment to buy them from a reliable pick and pay less wrecker. We thoroughly test our car parts to make sure they are safe and dependable for our customers. We source our parts in bulk from our vast network of suppliers, which means more affordable solution for fixing your car.

    Our pick and pay less service offers the following benefits:

    • More cost effective
    • More Reliable
    • Easier to source the part you need 
    • Fast and efficient 
    • No need to pick and pull parts yourself
    • 3 Month warranty

    How It Works

    1. Contact Us 

    Reach out to us via phone or our online form. Provide us with the details of the parts you need including car make, model, year and your location.

    2. Confirm Quote

    Our team will let you know if we have the part you need is in stock and arrange shipping or installation if required.

    3. Complete Purchase

    Once you’re satisfied with the price and condition of the parts and payment has been received you can pickup your part at our office or arrange for it to be delivered to you.

    What pick and pay less parts do you have?

    Engine parts: Including alternators, crankshafts, starter motors, cylinder heads, pistons, and radiators.

    Suspension parts: Including dampers, steering boxes, tyres, wheels, hubs, springs and brake components.

    Exterior and interior parts: Including doors; bumpers, fuel caps, seats, dashboard components and many other elements for your car’s interior and exterior.

    Whatever part you need, rest assured that we can find it for you. Just give us a call and we will have the part ready in no time.

    Which Sydney locations do we service

    Are pick and pay less Parts Safe and Reliable?

    Absolutely, our parts are all sourced by our experienced team, who then break down old vehicles to pick and pull quality parts that we can salvage. These parts go through extensive testing by our expert mechanics who approve all our parts before we sell we sell.

    Get Cash for Your Old and Junk Car

    If you’re looking to get rid of your old or junk car in Sydney hassle-free, we offer cash for scrap cars throughout Sydney with free car removal.

    Contact us

    Fairfield Auto Parts is your ultimate destination for affordable car parts and hassle-free car disposal. Contact us today for top-quality service and unbeatable prices!

    Call us on 02 8111 7878 or fill out our online form.