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    Avail Services From Sydney’s Best Car Breakers

    For all your used parts and car wrecking needs, connect with Sydney’s best car breakers. 

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    Here’s How to Get Started

    As Sydney’s preferred car breaking service, we pride ourselves on also being easily accessible and efficient with our services. We offer the speed and comfort required with a process like this. You can start with car breaking in a few simple steps. 

    Here’s How:

    1️⃣Give Us a Call and Get a FREE Quote 

    2️⃣Get Your Car Removed on the Same Day

    3️⃣Avail On-Spot Cash Payment 

    4️⃣Dispose Your Car in an Eco-Friendly Way

    Car Breakers with Added Benefits 

    We are Sydney’s preferred car breakers for a reason, in short we offer the best-in-class benefits along with our service. As the city’s leading expert in all things auto, we are in a unique position to tailor our services to meet your very specific needs. 

    Our services include:

    • – Removal 
    • – Pickup 
    • – Salvaging 
    • – Wrecking 
    • – Cash for Car Services 
    • – Recycling 
    • – Used Car Parts 
    • – Car Disposal 


    Our wide range of services are chosen by customers all over the city not just because they are easy to access but also for the efficiency with which the different tasks are carried out. For anyone who chooses our services, we also offer a range of benefits to sweeten the deal. 

    Benefits include:

    • – FREE Car Removal 
    • – Same-Day Car Removal 
    • – FREE Quote Generation
    • – Accurate Instant Quotes
    • – Top Cash For Car Deal 
    • – Eco-Friendly Car Disposal


    When you avail of our services, you can be rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best. This extends to every arm of our wide-reaching services, you can be sure of the quality and efficiency of our brand no matter what service you choose. 

    The Car Breaker of Choice in Sydney

    We carry out our breaking services with utmost care and reliable efficiency. Our team of field expert auto mechanics work at a state-of-the-art wrecking facility, this allows us to handle cars in pretty much any condition. Only the latest equipment is used and we house all the necessary machinery to ensure that our car breaking services are also speedy and sustainable. 

    We accept cars in any condition including:

    • – Junk Cars
    • – Old Cars
    • – Scrap Cars
    • – Flooded Cars
    • – Fire Damaged Cars
    • – Used Cars 
    • – Accident Cars
    • – Undrivable Cars 
    • – Transmission Failed Cars


    We are strongly committed to being a company that is environmentally conscious and building a clean future. This is why we make it a priority to design car breaking services that produce little to no wastage. This is done by carefully dismantling the structure, salvaging all usable parts, carefully reconditioning these parts and disposing of any remnants that cannot be recycled in a socially responsible manner. Cars are not the only things we accept, we are fully equipped to take care of vehicles of any size, make, model, brand and condition. 


    Our breaking services include:

    • – Truck Breaking Services
    • – SUV Breaking Services
    • – 4×4 Breaking Services
    • – Van Breaking Services 
    • – Minivan Breaking Services
    • – Motorcycle Breaking Services
    • – Station Wagon Breaking Services 
    • – Bus Breaking Services


    We have a 100% satisfied customer base and you can connect us with if you are looking for the best in class car breaking services. 

    The Parts You Need for Any Car from Top Car Breakers

    At Fairfield Auto Parts, one of our specialities also include supply of used car parts, we source this through our meticulously designed car breaking services in Sydney. So no matter what it is you are on the lookout for, we keep it in stock and you can’t find it in our inventory, we will make sure to find it for you. We deal with hundreds of cars each year and this provides us access to cars from every brand.


    Parts from brands including: 


    Rare to find car parts including:


    No matter what part it is that you need, give us a call and we will make sure we find it for you. 

    Contact Us 

    Whether you are on the lookout for used car parts or car breaking services in Sydney, do not hesitate to give Sydney’s best car breaking services – Fairfield Auto Parts a call. 

    Call Us 02 8111 7878